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Precision and Quality are in Our DNA

Swiss Escomatic and CNC Screw Machine Production

A micro manufactured part as small as a grain of salt can be critical to gaining a competitive edge. That’s why top brands in aerospace, electronics, automotive, medical and other industries rely on us to deliver exceptional end-product quality, precision and accuracy to 5 microns. If you demand strict tolerances, we routinely deliver 0.0004-inch (.010 mm) total tolerance on parts with a major diameter ranging from .0065 inches (.165 mm) to 1.024 inches (26.0 mm).

ISO 9001-certified since 1996, we run around the clock, completing everything from primary machining to post-processing. As a proud U.S. manufacturer, we offer transparency, access and trusted domestic sourcing unavailable from many overseas suppliers. This translates to faster turnaround and lower costs. 


The micro parts we make are often a very small piece of a greater whole, but they’re critically important to the success of the final product. That’s why consistent quality and precision matter most, whether you require a limited production run or hundreds of thousands of parts every week. With lights-out manufacturing and machines running around the clock, we’re able to drive down per-part costs while fulfilling orders according to tight project timelines.


We are always looking for ways to preserve the environment. Every light bulb in our facility is an energy-efficient LED bulb, which dramatically reduces energy consumption for our 24/7 operation. Rather than shipping out barrel after barrel of waste oil, we developed a process for cleaning and reusing oil to power some of our equipment. We even recycle scrap from our machining processes, turning tiny metal shavings back into blocks of raw materials for reuse.

Quality Driven

Every step of our manufacturing process is monitored to ensure the consistency and quality of our work. We hold ourselves to a high standard, so you can too.

Customer Focused

We respond to the unique needs of every customer and every project on an individual basis. Our business is built on the success we help others achieve.


Evaluating every aspect of a new project and working closely with our customers to meet their needs is an essential element of our day to day work.


From reducing waste to cutting production time, we are always looking for ways to do better for our customers and the environment.