From in-house design consulting and tooling, to machining, cleaning, and finishing - we offer you a one-stop shop for all your precision Swiss Screw Machine production part needs. Our Precision Swiss Multi-axis CNC Lathes and Escomatic coil-fed lathes handle any material, from the basic to the exotic. The efficiency of our operation means excellent pricing - from the smallest quantities to hundreds of thousands of parts per week.

We meet your requirements for quality, including Statistical Process Control (SPC) and laser micrometer measured accuracy to sixty millionths of an inch. We are continually updating our machining and inspection capabilities to enhance our accuracy, production efficiency, and cost effectiveness. If you demand strict tolerances and repeatability, call us. We routinely deliver 0.0005 inch (.0125 mm) total tolerance on parts with a major diameter ranging from .0065 inches (.165 mm) to .787 inches (20.0 mm).

CNC Swiss Screw Machining
Our computer controlled Swiss-type machines are capable of creating very small highly complex parts with micro inch tolerances.

CNC Swiss Prototype
From concept to completion our Swiss CNC prototype department is here to assist you on newly designed components and small orders.

Escomatic Swiss
Screw Machining
Our cam controlled, coil fed Escomatic machines are capable of producing very small, high volume, simple to moderately complex parts with excellent tolerances.


Secondary Operations

Not every screw machine part can be made complete on a primary machine. Sometimes an additional operation on a separate machine is required to complete a part. Running blanks at high production rates and completing the part with a secondary operation can occasionally be more efficient. Some of the secondary operations performed at Barry Podmore, Inc. include threading, right angle bending, crimping, heat-treating and de-burring.