Prototype to Production

Podmore Manufacturing Inc. is a leader in the field of Escomatic Swiss Screw Machine Production. Using our 75 Escomatic coil-fed lathes we are able to meet our customer demands for quantities ranging from ten thousand, to hundreds of thousands of parts per week. Our machines can handle a wide variety of materials, from the basic to the exotic, and their efficiency means that we are able to provide excellent pricing, quality, and consistency. Our current capabilities also include a Macor CNC cam-cutting machine, and in-house tooling to ensure compliance with our customer’s specifications.

In 2008, Podmore Manufacturing, Inc. installed the first three Escomatic D2-CNC machines in the US. These machines have provided us with the high productivity of a cam machine combined with the added flexibility and quick set up times of a Computer Numerical Control machine.

Features and Benefits of Escomatic Production:

  • Simple to moderately complex parts
  • Parts with very high production
  • Fast cycles and short machining times with high precision
  • Machines handle material from .012” (0.30mm) up to .250” (6.35mm) diameter to save material cost
  • Fewer machine stops, by using material from coil, reduce labor costs (real 24h operation)
Parts are completed in one continuous operation, reducing quality issues, labor costs, and material costs.